Tonic Raises The Bar

After thirty three years in the guiding buisness I have seen signifacnt developments in our industry:- Split cane to carbon fibre, Silk to PVC lines, Large arbor fly reels, Flurocarbon leader material and now the all new Tonic Polaroid Eyewear.

As a guide who specializes in sight fishing and polaroiding for my clients, I was very clear with the developer when approached to test the new Tonic glasses and, told him if they weren't better than anything that myself or my team were using I could not use or endorse them.

After two months of testing by myself and the team our belief was that they were optically clearer than anything we were currently using and worked over a wider spectrum of light conditions. As an additional bonus, they were the best driving glasses we ever used.

We are of the opinion that Tonic Eyewear have taken polaroid glasses a major step forward, and we have committed to using them for the foreseable future.

Ken Orr
Proffessional Fly Fishing Guide